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Clickschooling award and a huge update
Written by Marc   
Monday, February 07 2011 12:00

Last week mathABC was awarded the clickschooling award. We are very proud of this. In the last couple of months we've been really busy producing more problems for mathABC.com. In about 5 days we'll publish between 600 and 800 new problems on the website. After this update you'll be able to choose from more than 1200 problems to practice.

We've got something else planned for you as well. Behind the scenes, all the functionality is in place to track how students perform on this website. Including the possibility to earn stars and awards while practicing and a complete set of scorereports so you can track your/your child's performance on different subjects. In the coming weeks we'll offer you the possibility to sign up for free. If it turns out that the adsense revenue outweighs the costs of running the website, we'll keep if free forever.

Besides this, we are also working on something else that will greatly improve MathABC. We can't tell you too much about it, so keep coming back to us in the coming weeks.


PS: please help us spread the word about MathABC, as we can only keep this website running if we have enough daily users.



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